Individuals who found provisions within the Affordable Care Act (ACA) of 2010 difficult to digest, mainly those within the middle income brackets, had another issue looming: penalty for failing to enroll and the ever increasing cost of traditional health insurance. This caused many Americans to find alternative ways to seek affordable health coverage.

Enter the newest alternative to traditional insurance: healthshares. With monthly costs on the most popular plans ranging from $107 to $449, it may drive down costs for individuals paying much more for much less. If you’re new to healthshares, or contemplated them but never followed through with joining one, here are eight reasons people are flocking to this alternative that has been around for many years.

1. Enrollment never closes.

Employee healthcare plans often have blackouts or periods where enrollment isn’t possible. With healthshares, one can enroll whenever they choose.

2. Participants are exempt from Obamacare.

Those fearing backlash from government mandates can breathe again.  Healthshares are exempt from ACA’s penalty provision, providing quality health coverage without the fear of paying a heavy fine.

3. More expansive coverage.

Unlike traditional health plans, healthshares offer wider coverage options such as:

  • Chiropractic treatment
  • Ambulatory care
  • Prosthetics, including plastic reconstructive devices
  • Coverage for international medical needs.

4. Holistic treatments and wellness exams.

Healthshares from several organizations, such as Samaritan and Liberty, support patients who prefer natural healing methods. Annual exams, including pap tests, are included as well.

5. There are no network requirements.

People want their own doctors or at least the option to pursue their own. With healthshares, there are no out or in-network requirements. Submit billing to the healthshare, and it’s covered.

6. Better prescription costs.

Need expensive medications for cholesterol, cancer or rheumatoid arthritis? Healthshares from most providers have three tiers of medication costs, capping out around $50 out-of-pocket for higher-end prescriptions.

7. They work alongside Medicare.

Even with Medicare coverage, some things may not be covered under Parts A or B. With healthshares, you get another dimension of coverage that picks up costs Medicare won’t. That peace of mind is priceless to individuals reaching retirement age.

8. Pre-existing conditions are more welcomed.

An average of 97% of individuals with pre-existing conditions are accepted, which is much higher than actual traditional insurance plans. The process differs slightly, but having wider acceptance means better health coverage for those who need it.

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