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Finally – Comprehensive
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Very Affordable Rates

Learn how health care sharing plans work,
and how much money you can save.

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What’s Covered

Alieracare offers three levels of coverage (Value, Plus, and Premium), and for each you can choose from a $5,000, $7500, or $10,000 maximum out-of-pocket.

Below is a brief outline of the the types of benefits covered under the plans. See more details on the Aliera ACA Exempt Plans Brochure.

  • Surgery: Per incident limit for coverage ranges from $150,000 to $1,000,000.
  • Preventive Care: all 63 medical services outlined in the Affordable Care Act for preventive care are covered. Zero out-of-pocket and no deductible for any covered scheduled preventive care service or routine in-network check up, pap smear, flu shot, etc.
  • Primary Care: coverage for doctor visits varies based on which plan you choose
  • Labs and Diagnostics: all PCP and urgent care labs are included. Membership includes over 180 different lab tests.
  • Prescription Discounts: average 55% savings
  • TeleMedicine: access to a doctor, 24 hours a day
  • Hospitalization: Per incident limit for coverage ranges from $150,000 to $1,000,000.

Coverage You Can Trust

Health share plans aren’t administered by insurance companies, but instead by Health Care Sharing organizations.. By combining costs and enrolling under these plans, member realize a much lower premium while adding greater flexibility to their health care options.

Currently over 1 million Americans are members of healthshare programs, and over $1.5 billion has been paid out in medical expenses. AlieraCare covers individuals and families all across the country.

Our Customers Have a Lot to Say.

We’ve helped over 16 thousand people find health insurance—each customer gets the same quality service.

I am glad to have found something that works with my budget, which I was very concerned about with the marketplace.

In my state, there is only 1 provider left, and they were asking for an astronomical increase in premium that I was afraid I would not be able to afford and still pay my bills.  It’s not good to be the only game in town, because without competition they can charge whatever they want without caring about the people they are supposed to be serving, so again, thank you for giving me an option called healthshare programs.

D. Nelson

My experience with your company was very good. The rate you gave was very competitive and it was roughly half of what my previous agent had quoted for a similar plan
from Anthem.
K. Utesch

AlieraCare ACA Exempt Plans

Healthcare at Affordable Prices for Everyone

MultiPlan Network

Aliera keeps monthly contribution amounts low by keeping expenses low. Whenever you need medical care, follow these steps:

  • Contact your Telemedicine provider
  • If you still need local treatment, contact the Aliera Member Services Department
  • This concierge service will set an appointment for you with a local provider

The MultiPlan Network for this plan is First Health.

Conditions and Restrictions

This is not a health insurance plan, and there are some important restrictions to these plans that you should be aware of.

  • There is a 24 month waiting period on pre-existing conditions.
  • Surgery is not covered for the first 6 months on the Value or PLUS plans, unless the event is life affecting, endangering, or threatening.
  • Surgical benefits are not available for the first 2 months in the Premium plans, again unless the event is life affecting, endangering, or threatening.
  • There is a 12-month waiting period before cancer will be covered. (Talk to us if you would like to add a low-cost supplemental critical illness policy to cover that).
  • If you want a plan that has no waiting period on cancer coverage, as well as some pre-existing condition coverage, choose the Comprehensive plan. Click here to view the AlieraCare Brochure.
  • Children are covered as dependents, until age 20. Full time students may be covered as dependents until age 26.

Ready to sign up?

Click here to sign up online. Choose the AlieraCare Value, AlierCare Plus, or AlieraCare Premium. (The Plus is most popular).

Please note that Aliera charges a one-time, $125 application fee.

If you have some questions, or would like to apply over the phone, please give us a call at 800-913-0172.

AlieraCare ACA Exempt Plans

Healthcare at Affordable Prices for Everyone

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