What are healthcare sharing ministries?

Healthcare sharing ministries—also called healthshares, health cost sharing ministries, and many more names—are not insurance. Healthshares are organizations that facilitate the sharing of health care costs among members. Members pay monthly fees, which is put into a collective and then used to pay for member’s qualifying medical expenses.

These organizations have been around for over 30 years but have been gaining popularity in recent years due to the unaffordable cost of insurance.

Why have healthshares been gaining popularity in recent years?

More and more people are struggling under the weight of ever-increasing insurance costs. Healthshares are more affordable than traditional insurance. Even better, if a healthshare program has been in existence since December 31, 1999, and is a nonprofit organization, members are exempt from paying the individual mandate of the Affordable Care Act.

In addition to significant savings, members have access to a wider range of providers and PPOs. More autonomy and flexibility lead to better healthcare.

Watch the following video where we break down healthshare programs even further. Learn more about popular healthshares, the history of healthshares, the major differences between traditional insurance and healthshares, and why you should consider switching.


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