Your high deductible and insurance premiums are stretching you thin. You don’t know how you can afford the medical treatment you and your family needs. You’re paying a lot of money for substandard insurance, and you’re justifiably frustrated and maybe even angry with the system that’s failing you.

Does that sound like you? It’s the reality for many Americans unfortunately. The fact of the matter is, Obamacare doesn’t work for the middle class. It’s draining hardworking Americans dry. Instead of continuing to struggle month after month to pay for inadequate insurance, consider switching to a healthcare sharing plan instead.

Healthcare Sharing Programs

Healthcare sharing programs—commonly called healthcare sharing ministries and healthshare plans, among others— have become more and more popular over past years as more and more people realize the benefits, benefits that often lift a substantial amount of weight from sagging shoulders.

Healthcare sharing ministries share costs between members. Members pay a monthly fee, similar to a premium, and with that collective money, members’ qualifying medical expenses are paid. Some have deductibles, and some don’t have deductibles.

Save Your Money for the Important Things in Life

According to the 2018 Milliman Medical Index, a typical family of four is expected to pay, on average, $28,166 on healthcare premiums. This number increased by $1,222 from the previous year. With $28,166, you could purchase a nice car. You could put a down payment on the house of your dreams. In short, you shouldn’t have to pay that much for quality medical care.

Healthshare plans, on the other hand, are a fraction of the cost with more choice and personal autonomy. The average monthly family plan is around $350, depending on ministry, state, and number of household members. That’s half of what you’d be paying. With that money, you could take that vacation you haven’t had the money for; you could afford to take a sick day when you need it. Having that extra money eases the tight noose of having to penny-pinch to pay for healthcare.

Tax Exempt

You will not be penalized for switching from a traditional insurance plan to a healthshare plan. Members of healthshare ministries that have been around since December 31, 1999 and are a nonprofit organization are exempt from paying the individual mandate tax for not having insurance that complies with the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

Want to Know More?

If you’re bowing under the immense financial burden and need a little help, give serious thought to switching to a healthshare plan. Call your trusted personal benefits manager (PBM) for more information or how to apply.