The current healthcare system is failing many Americans in a myriad of ways, and while they have been around for decades, healthcare sharing ministries are a key alternative to get the best healthcare possible.  Healthcare sharing ministries, also called health cost-sharing ministries and healthshare programs, are nonprofit organizations that facilitate the sharing of medical expenses among members.

More affordable

Savings from healthcare sharing ministries range anywhere from 45% to 60% less expensive than traditional insurance. The affordability is due to several reasons. For one, members are encouraged to live a healthier lifestyle. Many ministries discourage bad habits like smoking and encourage good habits like limiting alcohol consumption. In addition, many ministries have limitations on pre-existing conditions and what can and cannot be covered, thus lowering the shared costs.

More Choices

Traditional insurance comes with strict rules and regulations. With Obamacare, choices are becoming more and more sparse as more and more insurance companies leave the market due to the uncertainty of the marketplace and the fate of Obamacare.

In an article written in November 2017, CNN Money reports that 29% of people have access to only one provider. This year, 132 insurers offer policies on the federal exchange, while the number was 167 in 2017 and 237 in 2016. This is a problem because the federal exchange ( enrolls members in 39 states. The remaining 11 states handle their own marketplaces.

However, healthshare members aren’t restricted by what providers accept their plans because healthshare plans are not insurance. Members have access to any provider they wish to see, which leads to more freedom.

More freedom

Because members typically pay out of pocket for medical expenses and then get reimbursed, members are more up close and personal with the financial side of medical care. These individuals see the actual price of doctor visits and medical procedures. Because of this, members are more conscious of their own healthcare. Healthshare members are encouraged to negotiate on their own behalf and be their own advocate, further empowering them in making the best decisions.

Better Healthcare

More choices and more autonomy always lead to better healthcare and better health, and with healthcare sharing ministries, that control is possible. If you’re tired of the current outdated system of healthcare, health cost-sharing ministries offer affordability choices, and freedom. If this appeals to you, do more research, and consider switching to a healthshare plan and become an advocate to your own health.