A healthshare program is managed by a non-profit association composed of like-minded people who come together to share the burden of medical expenses. Healthshares are not insurance, and they do not function like one or offer the same coverage. Like traditional insurance, members pay a monthly fee, like a premium but often much more affordable in cost, and that collective money is used to pay for members’ qualifying medical expenses.

Why Are More And More Christians Switching To Healthshare Plans?

Morally Conscious

While many are non-secular, healthcare sharing ministries are often religiously based, the predominant being Christianity. Many Christians find having shared beliefs appealing. For one, Christians do not have to pay for things they do not believe in because many healthshares do not pay for things like contraceptives or abortions. Members are often encouraged not to drink or smoke and even encouraged to attend church regularly.

More Personal

These cost-sharing ministries are built upon the Christian idea of coming together as a community and helping one another bear the burdens of life. Traditional insurance is controlled by men in offices crunching numbers. With healthshares, it is likely to know to whom your money is going. In fact, it might directly be sent to a specific family. Many members of cost-sharing ministries feel like it is more than simply sharing a financial burden.

More Choices

Since health care sharing plans are not insurance, members are not boxed into a limited pool of networks and providers. There is more choice, and as always, choice means the best healthcare possible. Every citizen should have the choice on who to trust with their health and wellbeing.   

Tax Exempt

For healthshare programs to be exempt from the individual mandate and the resulting penalty for not having insurance, healthshares must have been in existence and continuously sharing since December 30, 1999. Healthshares excluded from the penalty are: Aliera, Altrua, Medi-Share, and Sedera. These, with the exception of Sedera, are all Christian-based ministries.

Healthsharing Ministries Offer More Than Traditional Insurance

More and more Christians are switching to healthshare programs because these healthcare sharing ministries align more with their beliefs and overall needs. Traditional insurance has failed to meet many needs for a while now, but there are other options like healthshares that can help reduce the strain on your budget.