Health care sharing ministries have been around for decades, so there’s nothing new about them. However, recently, more and more people are discovering how beneficial switching to one can be as they search for something better and more affordable. As of this year (2018), more than a million people belong to a health share program.

A New Approach to Health Care Coverage

Health care sharing ministries are not insurance. They do not function like insurance. Health care sharing ministries are nonprofit organizations that facilitate the sharing of medical expenses among members. Medical expenses are not guaranteed to be covered. Most expenses, however, are paid.  

Religiously Based

Most health care sharing ministries are based on faith, especially the most prominent ones. The most common demonization is Christianity. Many Christians prefer this method of health coverage for several reasons. One, no health share programs covers abortions, and many don’t cover things like contraceptives. Bottom line, no one is required to pay for anything they disagree with.

Two, many Christian members prefer being with like-minded individuals, creating more personal health care coverage. Health care sharing ministries are built on the foundation of loving thy neighbor and helping the community.


Most health care sharing ministries have some type of requirements for membership, such as no smoking and limitations on alcohol consumption and drugs. Some require church attendance and a written statement from the leader of their church. Overall, members are encouraged to live healthy lifestyles, such as good diet and exercise, which, in turn, reduces costs for the collective.

Lower Costs and No Tax Penalty

Insurance premiums and deductibles are ever-rising, and many Americans feel like they’re suffocating under the weight. Many are even going coverage without because they cannot afford the high costs and just eating the tax penalty. Health care sharing ministries are the solution for many people.

Members typically pay half the cost of what they would pay with traditional insurance. It’s projected that the shared medical expenses will reach $1 billion sometime this year. In addition, quality health care sharing ministries exempt members from having the pay the penalty tax for not having a traditional Affordable Care Act-compliant plan.

More Personal Healthcare Coverage for Half the Price

Health care sharing ministries are not too good to be true. They are as good as they sound. The reality is, switching could save a significant amount of money while being more aligned with your beliefs. There doesn’t have to be a compromise when healthshare programs offer all that and more.

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